Monday, 10 December 2012

Eames House Wall Section (Finish)

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Materials used in interior wall section finish:

A.     Built-up roof on 1 1/2" insulation.

B.     Metal gravel stop.

C.     Steel window with double-strength glass and opaque panels.

D.     Steel window frame and opaque panel covering web of edge channel. This effectively hides the largest structural member on the exterior.

E.     Plaster interior finish and ferroboard metal deck wall. This was changed to or covered with gypsum 
board or plaster in the finished building.

F.     Steel window with obscure glass.

G.     Gypsum wallboard ceiling covering floor joists.

H.     2 x 6 tongue and groove wood floor on metal deck.

From The Details of Modern Architecture vol. 2

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