Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Charles puts together a short film made up of stills called House – After Five Years of Living.

The Interstate and Defence Highways Act passes. Also, Case Study House No. 17 (by Craig Ellwood, remodelled) is completed.

Case Study House No. 19 by Don Knorr and Elliott Associates was published although it was never built.

Case Study House No. 18 (Fields House by Craig Ellwood, remolded) and No. 21 (Bailey House by Pierre Koenig, remodelled) are finished this year.

Case Study House No. 22 (Stahl house by Pierre Koenig, intact), and No. 23 (Triad by Killingsworth, Brady, Smith and Associates, intact) are completed.

Case Study House No. 24 (Eichler Homes by A. Quincy Jones and Frederick C. Emmons, un-built) is published.

The 25th Case Study House (Frank House by Killingsworth, Brady, Smith and Associates, intact) and the 27th (Campbell and Wong, un-built) are printed. Also Andy Warhol exhibits his Campbell’s Soup Cans.

The Harrison House by David Thorne (or the 26th Case Study House) is complete. It              .                                                                         is still intact today.

The American Civil Rights Act passes this year. The Case Study Homes of 1964 are CSA 1 (Triad Apts by Alfred N. Beadle and Dailey Associates, intact) and CSA 2 (Whiteman Apts by Killingsworth-Brady and Associate, un-built).

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