Tuesday, 11 December 2012


The Case Study Program is introduced in Art and Architecture Magazine and the Second World War ends months later. Charles Eames signs up with Eero Saarinen as one of the many architects. Eero is needed because Charles is not a licensed architect; however the house is his design. By December the site is picked and the plans are published. The first Case Study House designed by J. R. Davidson is published, but never built. The US drops the atomic bomb, Germany surrenders, Hitler commits suicide and United Nations is founded. Furthermore, the first computer (ENIAC) was built.

The bikini was invented in 1946 and the designs for Case Study Homes 11 (by J.R. Davidson, demolished), 12 (by Whitney R. Smith, un-built) and 13 (by Richard Neutra, un-built) were completed.

Case Study homes 17 (by Rodney Walker, intact), 2 (by Sumner Spaulding and John Rex, intact), 10 (by Kemper Nomland, intact), and 16, 3 (by Rodney Walker, demolished) are constructed. Moreover, the Evans Production moves to Michigan and they move the Herman Miller Furniture Corporation. The Molded Plywood division is dissolved and becomes the Eames office. Also the Polaroid camera is invented and William Levitt builds the first successful suburb in Norfolk, VA., called Levittown.

Gandhi is assassinated, the “Big Bang Theory” is formulated and the Eames House parts Arrive. They were delayed due to shortages during the war. Case Study Homes 1 (1 by J. R. Davidson and Greta Davidson, collaboration, intact), 7 (by Thornton M. Abell, intact), 18 (West house by Rodney walker), 20 (Bass by Straub and Hensman, Saul Bass, collaboration, intact) are constructed.

This year NATO is established. The Eames House is redesigned in May by and is built by December and the Eames move in on Christmas Eve. Beside the Eames house, Case Study House No. 9 (Entenza House by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen, remodelled) is completed. By now John Entenza is running into financial trouble and is having difficulty supporting Charles’s project.

John Entenza sues Charles Eames for a 50% share of royalties in molded plywood furniture by Evans Production since 1943. The Case Study House for 1905 (by Raphael Soriano) is finished, now remodelled.


The Case Study House for 1953 (No. 4 by Craig Ellwood, intact) is published and the first issue of Playboy Magazine is printed.

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