Monday, 10 December 2012

Eames House Frame Construction

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Materials used in frame construction:
A.     3 x 3 x 1/4" continuous steel angle at top. This was a truss part in the initial design.

B.     Bridging partially shown.

C.     OT 125 roof joists 7' 4" oc (RJ-1).

D.     4 x 4" x 10 lb. column partially embedded in concrete wall.

E.     OT 141 floor joists 1' 10" oc (FJ-1).

F.     Concrete retaining wall.

G.     Studio framing similar to that of the house.

H.     Nonstructural 4 x 4" columns at ends. These do not support beams or joists, only windows.

I.       Two-story 4 x 4" x 10 lb. column.

J.      12 C 10.2 channel at second floor to support floor joists. Similar members were used in the first design 
but were of different lengths and connections.

From The Details of Modern Architecture vol. 2

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